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art colors

A documentary produced by w-Art in 2010. It featured immigrants, including the great choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. These artists tell how their origin was called more than their art itself. Their artistic talent was neglected by others and emphasis was always placed where it should not.

On the basis of interviews with and artistic expressions of these prominent Flemish artists of foreign origin, we have drawn up a sketch of the colour'rich' art landscape today.

It is true that this sketch can be colored in many ways and become a print that opens the eyes of the Flemish cultural consumer and producer and broadens their view, and/or sets an example for (immigrant) young people...

But in the first place we want to do what a documentary is supposed to do, namely to document this special fact, 'color in art' at this very moment. The art, the artists, the makers and the viewers have colored it further.​

Allochthonous artists are all too often addressed on their origin. While art tries to cross boundaries, boundaries and obstacles are constantly being erected in this way. However, they primarily want to be called to account for their artistry. Of course their origin is part of that, but there is so much more!


This documentary wants to let the artists speak about this in their art. Art speaks for itself, moves people, brings them together and thus naturally initiates interaction and dialogue.

The documentary aims in the first place to be a snapshot, a cross-section of today's art landscape, where noticeably more color comes to the fore. We wonder why this is so (and why now), how these artists experience this and how policy makers and programmers see this, including Erwin Jans, Mesut Arslan, Alain Platel and Pascal Nicolas.

Contributed to the project and also made creative contributions to the final result: Chokri ben Chikha (theatre maker), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (choreographer), Mustafa Kör (author of De Lammeren), Charif Benhelima (photographer) and Saddie Choua ( movie).



The people behind the documentary:

Production:Zohra Boucharafat commissioned by Nakhla

Direction:Rudy Cleemput

Camera:Jan Bosteels

Music:Thomas Noel

Edit:Jos Deconinck & Jeffrey

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