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Mixed Married

In 2005 w-Art vzw, in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, the Flanders Festival and NTGent, organized an artistic party on the theme of "mixed marriage". This project used a mixed wedding setting to mix different party traditions...


The wedding

The wedding between Laura Neyskens and Mohamed Said Bouzarmat took place in the Ghent Schouwburg on Sint-Baafsplein. Both families introduced rituals to celebrate this marriage: Moroccan and Flemish festivities intertwined and gave meaning to a new bridal couple.



On Friday, Bamteli, Turkish duo Davul/Zurna were the musical acts of the evening. Gnawa musicians, brass band musicians, Turkish wind players, gypsy musicians and Turkish drummers were present during the wedding.

Trio Rachid Kasmi, Al Manar (Moroccan ball orchestra), Oulad Bambara and the Marockin' Brass band were present at the wedding.

“Vzw Nakhla therefore strives for a democratic world order, in which cultural diversity 'in thinking and acting' is no longer an exception, but a matter of course.”

- Zohra Boucharafat

The project
Mixed marriage is a project in which a group of Margrebijn and Flemish women was supervised by Zohra Boucharafat and Karijn Bonne. Through home visits to Berber women (the Rif Mountains in Morocco), a thorough insight was gained into the environment, needs and requirements of Maghrebin women.

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