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The projects of w-Art vzw 

Over the years, w-Art vzw has organized numerous heritage projects that have brought a beautiful history back to life. The history of the migration to Ghent is depicted. With a mix of history and art, w-Art creates a database of heritage projects.



In 2005 w-Art vzw, in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, the Flanders Festival and NTGent, organized an artistic party on the theme of "mixed marriage". This project used a mixed wedding setting to mix different party traditions.


Ghent guests, a socio-cultural project, in collaboration with AMSAB, STAM, Christine De Weert and Tina De Gent. w-Art organized this project in 2006 to collect and create resources related to Moroccan migration to Ghent in the 1960s and 1970s. They wrote the history of the first generation of Moroccans in Ghent, in order to inform the widest possible audience.



A documentary produced by w-Art in 2010. It featured immigrants, including the great choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. These artists tell how their origin was called more than their art itself. Their artistic talent was neglected by others and emphasis was always placed where it should not.


“My aunts from Ghent” is a family chronicle that describes the divergent lives of three sisters in a moving way. At that time, it was mainly boys who emigrated. This involves looking at how the sisters do not feel at home in one country as well as in another. The film "My aunts from Ghent" therefore provokes conversations and discussions around the theme of migration, the position of women in migration and integration.



This is a documentary about three generations of a Flemish-Moroccan family who take a traditional summer trip to Morocco together. An extraordinary journey and a typical journey for Moroccan families. W-Art made this documentary commissioned by Canvas for Earth in Motion in collaboration with Red Star Line museum, on the occasion of 50 years of Moroccan migration.

Mehdy Mariouch.JPG


This project gives you a rare glimpse through the keyhole of a special cultural heritage, namely the bathhouse – the hammam, and the evolution of bathing habits. By examining the authentic hammam culture in Morocco and its breakthrough elsewhere in the world, w-Art shares the cultural richness of hammam and bath culture.


A musical heritage project that honors all women in Moroccan chaabi music. Since the beginning of the last century, this type of music has been developed into an urban singing and music art. Today, the Sultanats B'net Chaabi are driven by the desire to maintain this musical tradition that they have honored from the ancients in Belgium. With their passion, they enchant us with the melodies and rhythms passed on from generation to generation!

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