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Fri, Sep 27


Dapperheidsplein 7, 1070 Anderlecht, België

LILA with M‘allem Hamid Dkaki

LILA with M‘allem Hamid Dkaki
LILA with M‘allem Hamid Dkaki

Time & Location

Sep 27, 2024, 9:00 PM – Sep 28, 2024, 2:00 AM

Dapperheidsplein 7, 1070 Anderlecht, België

About the event

A “līla” is a traditional ritual from the Gnawa culture, found in Morocco, but also in other forms in Afro-diaspora countries, where it has other names: diwān in Algeria, stambēli in Tunisia, Candomblé in Brazil, Santería in Cuba… It is a gathering aimed at obtaining healing, protection and harmony, among other spiritual objectives.   During a līla, people gather to listen to music played on traditional instruments such as the guembri, qrāqib and tbāl. Accompanied by songs and dances, the music distills a deep spiritual experience.   The main purpose of a līla is to enjoy music and dance, but also to seek healing and protection, to calm relationships with spirits, or to obtain advice from unseen entities. In the African diaspora, unique musical traditions have developed within Afro-descendant communities. This music testifies to their experience of uprooting and recalls elements of their religion, their culture and their history as slaves. Their common roots lie in the traditions of sub-Saharan Africa and they all have the legacy of slavery woven into their cultural expressions. Blues, gnawa, capoeira, candomblé, zār and voodoo are all linked by a spiritual and historical relationship.   For this special Brussels edition of Gnawa Fest, m'allem Hamid Dkaki from Fez is our special guest. It accompanies this unique evening and this nocturnal ritual with the Brussels Gnawa musicians of Black Koyo.

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